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Ticronik produces large rings and bushings from bearing bronzes with up to 1200 mm (48 inch) outside diameter with one or two shoulders and with thick of thin section.

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Large diameter parts from Bronze Casting

Bronze is a material with exceptional physical-chemical properties that make it unique in some applications like Bronze Sleeve Bearings.

Bearing bronzes1 offer broad ranges of strength, ductility, hardness, wear resistance, anti-seizing properties, low friction and the ability to conform to irregularities and tolerate dirty operating environments. The corrosion resistance of bearing bronzes is generally superior to other bearing materials, and can be selected to meet particular ambient conditions

Bronze bearings operate at higher temperatures without losing ability to carry loads without creep and at sub-zero temperature without becoming hard and brittle. They have excellent heat dissipation for high loads and speeds

Bronzes permit easy and economical manufacture, allowing bearings to be made in special and one-of-a-kind configurations simply and at low cost. No bearing metals have better machinability than the bearing bronzes.

We can cast a bronze bearing in short order.

1 Bearing bronzes - Bronzes, that are used to manufacture bronze sleeve bearings


Just look at any piece of off-highway or earth-moving equipment; chances are that the major bearings outside the drive train are made from one of the bearing bronzes

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We specialize in quality bronze parts with exceptional customer service. Bronze parts makes up 59% of the total production. (in 2008)

We specialize in quality bronze parts. Bronze parts makes up 59% of the total production. (in 2008)

Industries and Applications for Bronze Casting

Shipbuilding industry
Automotive Components
Pump Castings and Housings
Casting for Machine Production
General Commercial Castings
Medical Equipment
Tool Fabrication

Model casting
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